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Advanced Smile InstituteAdvanced Smile Institute, located in Port St Lucie FL, is one of the most technologically advanced offices in the area. With the expertise of the cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Lens, patients receive the best dental care offered. Dr. Lens brings a plethora of experience from his 22 years of service in the dental profession. Patients in Dade County, Broward, Martin, Palm Beach and Port St Lucie FL have all had the pleasure of his advanced experience.

As a cosmetic dentist in Port St Lucie FL, Dr. Lens has experience with simple fillings and complex dental surgery. He has the ability to transform a damaged smile into a stellar work of art that is both functional and beautiful. With the latest restorative treatments and techniques, patients in Port St Lucie FL can visit this cosmetic dentist comfortably with little anxiety or apprehension about the procedures. Oral sedation is offered to patients to improve the comfort of the visit.

Advanced Smile Institute in Port St Lucie FL stays up to date on new dental techniques to give clients the best service possible. As a cosmetic dentist in Port St Lucie FL, he takes special care to determine which techniques are best in each situation. Patients are exposed only to the techniques that have proven results rather than just the latest techniques.

Most consumers are aware that smile improvements and a dental makeover can make a significant difference in a person’s appearance. Cosmetic dentistry will improve a patient's appearance and self esteem. Missing teeth or improper alignment may cause chewing problems, headaches or other stress in the life of the individual. Dental health care is an important component of a person’s lifestyle. A cosmetic dentist is an important component in restoring dental problems.

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lens constantly engages in learning new procedures and techniques to deliver to his patients. Whether the classes or symposiums are held in Port St Lucie FL or in other areas, Dr. Lens takes the initiative to receive the training necessary to deliver the best results. From advanced endodontics procedures to periodontal procedures, Dr. Lens will perform the procedures to the best of their ability. He is also skilled with implants and the surgical techniques associated with this procedure.

Dentist Port St LucieDr. Lens is a member of the American Dental Implant Association and has his Fellowship with this organization. He keeps improving his skills and will be receiving surgical training in sinus lift procedures. Port St Lucie FL patients are privileged to have a skilled cosmetic dentist in their area. He has even offered his services abroad in countries that do not receive adequate health care and dental care. Restoring smiles through cosmetic dentistry is a way to improve self confidence and appearance around the world.

As a new cosmetic dentist patient, a consultation will be performed before the procedure to ensure the proper results. This Port St Lucie FL cosmetic dentist makes every effort to answer any questions the patient may have before performing the procedure. The Advanced Smile Institute will ensure that you are comfortable before, during and after your procedure.

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