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Family Dentistry Port St LucieRegular dental checkups are the key to maintaining a radiant smile. When individuals are searching for a family dentist in Port St Lucie, they will undoubtedly be looking for a dental practice that will cater to people of all ages. Advanced Smile Institute, family dentistry Port St Lucie, offers quality dental treatment in several areas for convenience and lower dental costs. Furthermore, we provide discounts on quality dental care to all new patients.

Pediatric Dentistry

Family Dentistry Port St LuciePediatric dentistry is a field that focuses on the unique dental needs of younger children. Pediatric dentists take special care to be cheerful, courteous, and accommodating when working with children. An excellent pediatric dentist is expected to be able to instill healthy brushing and flossing habits in their young patients. As a routine, our dental hygienists will routinely teach children good dental habits during their teeth cleaning sessions. Advanced Smile Institute's Dr Robert Lens is a friendly pediatric dentist Port St Lucie parents can count on.

Dentistry for Adults

Family Dentistry Port St LucieMany of the most common procedures are performed on adults. Though x-rays and clinical examinations will be par for the course, professionals will also be ready to fill cavities, perform root canals, and prepare for extractions. Men and women who are looking for a dentist in Port St Lucie might also find that they need periodontal disease treatment. Through scaling and root planing procedures, we can help with most cases without referring patients to a specialist, saving them lots of money.

Senior Dental Care

Family Dentistry Port St LucieSeniors often deal with more pressing dental health issues when looking for a dentist in Port St Lucie. A senior dental care specialist can devise a treatment plan for seniors with uneven jawbones, gingivitis, tooth loss, root decay, and more. Advanced Smile Institute has friendly, caring professionals to make any dental visit as smooth as possible, no matter what the case may be. Contact us now for more information about our senior dental care services in Port St Lucie FL.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Family Dentistry Port St LucieAs people age, their teeth will likely fall into disrepair. Discoloration is a common problem and our teeth whitening procedures can help. The appearance of gums also plays an important role in cosmetic dentistry. Some patients may even need orthodontics as part of the overall solution. From your face and mouth to your skin, head, and anatomy, cosmetic dentistry involves the consideration of several factors other than just teeth. In some cases, porcelain veneers can be affixed to the exteriors of the teeth for example. When searching for family dentistry Port St Lucie patients who use a dentist experienced in cosmetic dentistry often realize the convenience and benefit from the lower costs.

Dental Implants

Family Dentistry Port St LucieAt their core, dental implants are titanium structures that are bound to the basal bone of the mouth. They are intended as support structures in locations where the original tooth fell out or was extracted. After the dental implants are affixed to the bone of the jaw, they will be given a few months to heal. The dentist will then attach other structures to the end of the implant. Afterwards, crowns and bridges can be installed in the mouth. We offer our patients affordable, up-front costs on our dental implants.


Family Dentistry Port St LucieGetting dentures is a common trend among the elderly in Port St Lucie FL. Dentures are for replacing teeth. They are removable and must be cleaned on a regular basis. Patients typically soak their dentures in effervescent cleaning solution at night to keep them cleaned. Contact us now for more information on affordable dentures Port St Lucie patients can rely on.

First Appointment

Family Dentistry Port St LucieNow that you have found a family dentistry Port St Lucie patients recommend, contact us now to schedule your first appointment and discover how our dental practice can meet you and your family's needs. We offer our new patients dental exam packages at discounted rates.

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