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Port St Lucie DenturesA denture is a device that is supported or partially supported by the gums, that is used to replace some teeth (a partial denture) or replace all of your teeth (a full or complete denture). Dentures are removable and mostly made of acrylic resin; although metals and porcelain may also be used. They must be removed and cleaned after every meal and worn only during waking hours.

Although dentures are not the ideal dental solution, they are usually the most cost effective. We work closely with highly skilled lab technicians and take every possible step to ensure the best possible fit. Each one is cosmetically custom tailored to each patient. A smile that is too perfect will not look natural, we take cues from your mouth and face to set up a look that is you.

As advances in dentistry make the need for dentures to diminish, there are many situations which dentures can still play an important part. They can be used transitionally, while you heal from surgery from extractions or dental implants. In situations where implants can't solve all your dental problems, dentures can be combined with fewer implants to give you a more stable denture than ever before possible!

At Advanced Smile Institute of Port St Lucie, dentures are offered at affordable prices using the latest dental procedures. Please call or email us now to setup an appointment or to have any questions answered by our friendly staff. We looking forward to creating a pleasant experience for you while making your dentures look and feel natural.

Robert Lens DDS, a general dentist in Port St Lucie FL, is experienced with dental procedures such as dentures. For dental patients looking to get dentures, Advanced Smile Institute offers free consultations and is conveniently located near the St. Lucie West exit off of I-95.

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